Unleashing the Swinger Within

Like most people, I can tell when I’m being sold, and I push back instinctively. The key to my change of heart was that I never felt coerced or manipulated.

A European Swingers’ Paradise

The challenge for any club, anywhere, is to create a party vibe. Lameness and desperation are always lurking at the door.

Our First Sex Club Experience: The Visit

HIM: Once we decided we wanted to try the club scene, finding out where to go was as easy as googling the words ‘sex club’ along with the name of the nearest big city. It turned out we had a few options, so we decided to go with the one we had actually heard of….

Our First Sex Club Experience: The Preparation

HER: Within the first year of our relationship, we decided to try something we had both been curious about for a long time: the sex club scene. I had looked into a few local clubs in my twenties. My ex-husband and I had even set out one night to find the place, but we chickened…