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If Podcasts are your thing, we like the thoughtful perspectives and style of these lifestyle shows. And we can personally verify that they’re all wonderful people.

Mr and Mrs Jones on We Gotta Thing are the place to start if you’re new to the lifestyle. Their show is geared toward ‘newbies’ and they cover everything you need to know as you dip your toes into swinging.

Jay and Kay on That Couple Next Door are all about telling their sexy stories, and they never have a shortage of amazing adventures to recount.

Cate and Darryl on Swinging Downunder cover the gamut of topics, from sexy stories to deep questions to interviews. No matter the subject, you’ll be entertained by Cate’s valiant attempts to keep Darryl on track.

Emma and Finn on Normalizing Non-Monogamy interview interesting people from the wide world of non-monogamy. They put out a new episode every week, and each one is sure to be a fascinating look into someone else’s lifestyle journey.

Mickey and Mallory on Casual Swinger do a variety show on all kinds of swinger topics. They are also the owners of Casual Toys where you can get everything you need, from sex toys to theme-night costumes to micro-bikinis.

Richard and Lauren on Room 77 Podcast are the hilarious and sexy creators of The Art of Touch workshops at Desire Resorts. Their podcast is almost as entertaining as their full-body slides.

Leyna Nguyen is a four-time Emmy Award-winning journalist who, after 26 years of covering hard news, stepped away from the anchor desk to focus on family, philanthropy, and fun! She is the host of the Consenting Adults Podcast, which focuses on the active private lives of the 40+ crowd.


Other Resources

If you prefer a more academic approach, here are some other voices we value. Their years of research and education will lend the expertise we lack and give you some more food for thought.

Expansive Connection: Catherine, Kelsia, and Meshai offer non-monogamy-friendly coaching. Liam found the Enneagram Experience with Kelsia enriching, and we credit Catherine’s coaching with helping us through a rough patch as we tried separate dating. If you need some expert advice, we highly recommend this team. Use our link HERE so they know we sent you!

Edward Fernandes, Ph.D., has studied swingers for 20 years.  He writes “The Swinging Paradigm: The evolution of consensual non-monogamy” in a way that is fair-minded and accurate (in our experience).

Women, Swinging, Sex, and Seduction

Are Swingers Freaky and Deviant?

The Swinging Paradigm (full journal article)

Dan Savage, who coined the term “Monogamish,” is a sex columnist we have long followed.  His columns and videos are easy to find, but this comprehensive article is an excellent introduction to his life and views.

Dan Savage on the Virtues of Infidelity

Esther Perel is a psychotherapist whose bestselling book Mating in Captivity: Reconciling the Erotic and the Domestic explores the conflict between freedom and security in relationships.  We have watched her Ted Talks many times, and they always spark interesting conversations.

The Secret to Desire in a Long-Term Relationship

Rethinking Fidelity