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A Letter from My Former Self

If it doesn’t overwhelm you, the bittersweet ache of longing can provide the impetus to make difficult changes Continue reading

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Our First FMF Threesome

Our first threesome together was my first, but it wasn’t yours. You came to our relationship with a friend who was good to go. Continue reading

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The House Party That Never Was

I’m generally not one for re-enacting classic porn tableaux but, honestly, it felt great. Continue reading

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Online Dating for Couples

I imagined us meeting the perfect couple, sharing a connection that moved effortlessly between the social and the sexual. Continue reading

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Hedo Diaries: So Many Firsts

We joined the naked, slippery mass of hedonistic revelers writhing in time to the music. This was our first foam party. Continue reading

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What’s Your Number?

I have very uncomplicated feelings about women who enjoy sex: I approve whole-heartedly. Continue reading

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Naked Pictures

You’re beautiful, you’re game for anything, and I think you have a certain grace that the camera likes. Continue reading

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Hedo Diaries: A One-Afternoon Stand

At one point she cooed, “You’re so gentle”. At first I thought it was a compliment, but then I started to think otherwise. Continue reading

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Keeping Secrets

HER:  We had a party at our house recently where, in a haze of whisky-laced apple cider and white wine, I told my siblings that we had tried sex clubs and vacationed at Hedonism.  They all had the same conservative, religious upbringing … Continue reading

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HER: Before our last trip to Jamaica, I went for a session of laser hair removal. It was a thoughtful Christmas gift from you. You knew I hated the red bikini bumps, and the last time I had the area waxed, … Continue reading

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