A Letter from My Former Self

If it doesn’t overwhelm you, the bittersweet ache of longing can provide the impetus to make difficult changes

Our First FMF Threesome

Our first threesome together was my first, but it wasn’t yours. You came to our relationship with a friend who was good to go.

Our First House Party

I’m generally not one for re-enacting classic porn tableaux but, honestly, it felt great.

Online Dating for Couples

I imagined us meeting the perfect couple, sharing a connection that moved effortlessly between the social and the sexual.

Hedo Diaries: So Many Firsts

We joined the naked, slippery mass of hedonistic revelers writhing in time to the music. This was our first foam party.

What’s Your Number?

I have very uncomplicated feelings about women who enjoy sex: I approve whole-heartedly.

Naked Pictures

You’re beautiful, you’re game for anything, and I think you have a certain grace that the camera likes.

Keeping Secrets

HER:  We had a party at our house recently where, in a haze of whisky-laced apple cider and white wine, I told my siblings that we had tried sex clubs and vacationed at Hedonism.  They all had the same conservative, religious upbringing I did, but, like me, they’re all very sexual and pretty liberal in their views. …


HER: Before our last trip to Jamaica, I went for a session of laser hair removal. It was a thoughtful Christmas gift from you. You knew I hated the red bikini bumps, and the last time I had the area waxed, it was so painful I swore I’d never do it again. Lasers, you thought, might…

The Greatest Threesome in the History of the World

  HIM: When we were writing our article ‘The Quantified Sex Life’ a couple of weeks ago, I got caught up reading through the notes section of the sex log I keep. Usually I just jot down a sentence or two for each entry to help my memory, though occasionally I will try to capture what…

Our MFM Experiment: Getting it Right

HIM: Six weeks after our disastrous first experience with another man, we got a text from Derek saying he had some ideas about how we could do things differently if we wanted to try again. I met him for lunch to discuss them, and he suggested that we take some pictures of you as an…