Hedo Diaries: A One-Afternoon Stand

Gerhard Richter Two Couples 1966
Gerhard Richter ‘Two Couples (Zwei Liebespaare’)’ 1966

HIM: On our first few trips to Hedonism, we spent a lot of time in lounge chairs on the beach.  We’d hear loud music and laughter coming from the nude pool, but since you are a little intimidated by crowds and I don’t drink, we kept our distance. We didn’t realize until recently, however, that the nude pool is the social centre of the resort. Every afternoon around 2:00, people gather to drink and participate in whatever crazy games the Entertainment Crew have dreamt up. With the shots circulating, inhibitions — already in short supply at Hedo — are almost completely forgotten, and that’s where our first four way hook-up began.

HER: It was during our trip to Hedo last summer, when things were relatively quiet around the resort, that we finally ventured into the nude pool for the afternoon ‘rush’.  Our confidence developed as we started to expand our social circle and we suddenly found ourselves at the centre of the action.  I had lots of girl-on-girl fun that week, but on the very last day of our trip, we finally had the chance to try something together.

HIM: It was funny how that played out. Joe and Maria were a good looking couple and I had definitely noticed them around the pool all week. However, we had made pretty strong social connections with another group and had mainly stuck with them. By that day, though, those friends had all left for home. So, with our new-found confidence, we did something we rarely do: we walked up to a pair of strangers and introduced ourselves.

HER:  They were definitely attractive, but they weren’t what I would call our ‘type’.  Joe was brash and opinionated, but nice enough and in great shape.  Maria was petite, pretty, and didn’t have much to say.  We swapped stories about where we were from, how we had met, and what the sex club scene was like in our respective cities.  Within an hour, after some casual touching and flirting, Joe suggested we move the party to the hot tub.  While the Hedo hot tub gets lots of press, it actually isn’t a very comfortable place to play, so you quickly suggested our room might be a better option.

I was a little shocked.  You’re usually the one who likes to talk things through and have a plan in place before we do anything.  I’m the impetuous one who always wants to just let things happen organically. I was proud of you for being decisive.

HIM: Sometimes I get that ‘now or never’ feeling. We had talked about swapping on this trip, but it’s difficult finding a couple we are equally attracted to. I felt like if we didn’t do it then and there we might never do it. Besides, it was the last day of our vacation and I figured, however it played out, we’d probably never see these people again. 

HER:  We had told Joe and Maria in the pool that we didn’t full swap with people we had just met, and they had said they agreed.  You reiterated when we were back in the room that we didn’t have condoms, so it would be soft swap only (just oral).  We don’t have many hard and fast boundaries, but I like the no-fucking-on-the-first-date rule.  I’m a pleaser, so having this guidline eliminates some of my fear about going farther than I should just to make someone happy.  It ensures that we only put ourselves in the vulnerable position of having full-on sex with people we feel completely at ease with.

HIM: I can’t explain why, exactly, but I felt pretty comfortable when we got back to the room. That is not common for me: usually, I put a lot of pressure on myself to perform. You and Maria got things started by going down on each other. Joe and I began by each caressing our own partners but eventually the lines got blurred. Before long, I was licking Maria’s pussy, which was actually a very nice one. I remember her being very vocal, and at one point she cooed, “You’re so gentle”. At first I thought it was a compliment, but then she repeated it a few minutes later. I started to think maybe she was hinting that she liked things a little rougher.

HER:  Meanwhile, on the other side of the bed, I was getting the rough treatment she was used to.  After sucking Joe’s cock for a while (which was also a nice one), he went down on me and was very vigorously thrusting a couple of fingers into my pussy.  It was rougher than I like, but, of course, I didn’t say anything. I was enjoying watching you eat her out. I was also happy to see that you were staying hard while she gave you a pretty enthusiastic blowjob since I know you sometimes struggle with your erection in new situations. That’s so me: there I am, getting my pussy worked over, and all I’m feeling is proud of you. 

In fact, that’s how it was for me throughout the whole experience. I felt a little disembodied.  I was fairly turned on, yet I knew I’d never be able to come.  It’s strange how you can feel your body responding the way it should, but your mind isn’t able to get in the game.  This tends to be my typical reaction to new situations.

HIM: We eventually switched back and fucked our own partners for a while, but I don’t think anyone actually had an orgasm.  After a short time, an unspoken consensus that things had gone as far as they could settled in and we wound it down. About two seconds after Joe and Maria were out the door we jumped into our customary ‘post-game analysis’. You and I immediately realized that we had seen things exactly the same way. While we were both very pleased by what we had accomplished, neither of us had been very turned on by the experience. It was more like a dance routine we had executed perfectly but without emotion.

HER:  I really wonder if we could ever fully enjoy a casual hook-up. We just may not be wired that way. I’ve certainly proven that to be true in my regular life. I’ve always been flirty and sexual, but I’ve never had a one-night stand.  For me, a purely physical connection isn’t enough: I’m more excited by an interpersonal connection, and that generally takes more than an hour-long conversation to develop. I’m a relationship girl, and I suppose I can’t turn that side of my personality off as easily as I thought.

HIM: Feeling uncomfortable with something new doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t keep at it. We had to try many times, for example, before we got relaxed enough to orgasm reliably at sex clubs.  So I know there’s a chance it could be the same with casual hook-ups, but I doubt it. It’s one thing to have a negative experience of something and mistakenly think it’s not for you, but in this situation, we actually had a very positive experience. Failure wasn’t clouding our assessment. We had a one-afternoon stand with another couple and totally nailed it. Yet there we were, at the pinnacle of success, and our shared response was an overwhelming ‘meh’. We’re definitely up for more sexual experiences with other couples, but they are almost certainly going to be people we’ve developed an actual connection with. Not for reasons of right or wrong, but just because that’s what turns us on the most. 

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