Hedo Diaries: So Many Firsts

Cezanne's Seven Bathers
Paul Cézanne ‘Seven Bathers’ 1900

HER:  Bubbles poured in endless streams from above our heads into the giant inflatable pool below. Little clumps of iridescent foam broke off and floated up into the dancing strobe lights. Revelers who had come in bathing suits and lingerie quickly lost their inhibitions along with their clothes and joined the naked, slippery mass of hedonistic guests writhing in time to the music. This was our first foam party.

You and I were dancing, our height keeping us safely above the chest deep suds that threatened to drown others. Hands and asses frequently brushed against me in the anonymity of the covering bubbles, but when she came along, it was different. This was not an incidental touch: she was gentle but deliberate. Her fingers ran up my arms and down my back, around to my belly, then up to my breasts, teasing goosebumps to the surface. I leaned back against her, not needing to see the face to know that I loved the touch. Her body was petite and firm. Taking her cue, she moved her hands down to my clit. We danced like that – my back pressed against her chest as she played with me until I became curious enough to turn around. I immediately loved her smiling eyes and mischievous mouth. We kissed and danced some more. After a time, and with a little encouragement from her man, she risked suffocation by kneeling in front of me and licking my pussy. It must have tasted like eating a bar of soap, but it didn’t seem to diminish her enthusiasm.

HIM: This was our first trip to Hedonism II in Jamaica, and the sensations were almost overwhelming. Dancing naked, which had previously seemed like the most awkward activity possible (sorry John Mellencamp), suddenly felt like the most natural thing for a human being to do. How had we never done this before? I enjoy watching you dance under normal circumstances, but this was a whole other level of appreciation. I loved the attention you were getting, and I definitely noticed when the petite brunette knelt in front of you. Like me, her guy was giving the two of you space, looking on approvingly.

After a while, the two of you had done about as much as two horny women could in a sea of bath bubbles and undulating bodies. We then faced what would become a familiar, pleasant dilemma: do we let the sexual energy just ebb away or do we try to parlay it into something more? As we collected our discarded clothes, I casually suggested that the four of us head over to the hot tub together. The Hedo hot tub scene verges on the orgiastic after midnight, so we joined a group that included some other new friends who were drifting in that direction.

I remember you walking on ahead, wearing a silk top that was clearly meant to be worn with pants. Your ass was almost completely, brazenly exposed, and I felt the delicious displacement of seeing you through the eyes of the total strangers around me. It was a good show.

HER: On the way, we finally exchanged names. Colleen and Max were also on their first trip to Hedo and were, like us, just starting to explore bringing others into their relationship. I think she mentioned I was the first girl she had played with, so, when we got to the hot tub, I wanted to be sure I was a memorable first. I had her lie back on the side of the hot tub and gave her my best ‘tongue on clit, fingertips on g-spot’ treatment. She led me to believe she came, but she might have just been trying to be encouraging (we girls aren’t always easy to read. Or completely honest). I was aware of others in the hot tub enjoying the show, which added to the excitement, until it was my turn to get up on the side. You and Max held my legs up while Colleen licked my pussy. I started to feel all those eyes on me, and it turned from hot to a little uncomfortable. I tried to just close my eyes and enjoy it, but the mood had turned.

As soon as I could, I jumped back into the hot tub with some of our new friends who had migrated over. I soon found myself in the middle of lots of touching and kissing, that, at first, was not unwelcome. Suddenly, Max was urging my head down onto his hard cock. It wasn’t something I was really prepared for, but in this strange new world I somehow felt like it would be rude to say no. At one point, I looked over, and Colleen was going down on you, but I didn’t think you looked very engaged. We had stumbled into our first soft-swap.

HIM: I was aware that you were not entirely into what was going on with Max, a thought that kept me from surrendering to Colleen’s attempts to get me excited. You would think that the equation ‘woman’s mouth + man’s cock = guaranteed erection’ is a part of universal mathematics, but there are lots of things that can get in the way, and worrying about the love of your life is one of them. I didn’t think you were in distress, I just sensed something was not right.

HER: Oh yeah, nothing was right. Things had moved from bad to worse. I had gone from having Max’s unsolicited cock in my mouth to getting fingered in the ass by a random dude I had never spoken a word to (which is very bad form!). We quickly decided to get out of there. The walk back to the room was a low point for us. I had really surrendered to the eroticism of the night and had ended up in some unpleasant places.

HIM: And there I was, berating myself in typical fashion for not responding appreciatively to Colleen’s earnest attempts to rock my world. I think we were both seeing the darker side of the joy that can be part of any sexual adventure. It all started with a magically spontaneous attraction between two women at a foam party, but that set us on a path we weren’t really ready for. Part of the deal when you decide to push the boundaries in life is that you make yourself vulnerable to being hurt by others, and by yourself. That whole night, from beginning to end, turned out to be an important learning experience for us.








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  1. Vambana says:

    Yes,we learn from our mistakes.What started well between two beautiful ladies in a inflatable foam pool turned ugly,because you made a simple mistake.
    Let me tell you what went wrong.When people go to this kind of clothing optional resorts like Hedonism ll,Desire RM,and others adults resorts,have in mind that every time you get a connection with another couple,no matter it was in the pool,hot tub,or in any other place at resort,a play can’t be transferred from those places I mentioned above to other one.
    If there’s connection,it has to be from one of the places(like from pool) to the room,making it more private play in a four way connection.It could be a great experience for newbies like you at the time.In swinging lifestyle,every play has to be played accordingly the connection is made.Don’t ever bring a four way connection in a orgy tub.I bet there were more than six couples inside,what do you expect people from different backgrounds converging in those adults resorts.Believe it or not,there are people who travel to hedo,Desire and other resorts regardless their age,they don’t take in consideration the words ask,consent,unsolicited is not cool,and respect is good and everybody likes it.I can’t imagine how helpless and guilty your husband felt for not being able to protect you from that stupid man who fingered you in the ass,but poor guy there is nothing he could do.
    I hope it will never happen again in your adventures,and Him look out for your lady all the time,even when you are playing with other couple(swap),pay attention on her face expressions,she might be in distress,pain with the way other partner is engaging on the play.
    Wish you all the luck
    God bless you both



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