Our First House Party

I’m generally not one for re-enacting classic porn tableaux but, honestly, it felt great.

Online Dating for Couples

I imagined us meeting the perfect couple, sharing a connection that moved effortlessly between the social and the sexual.

What’s Your Number?

I have very uncomplicated feelings about women who enjoy sex: I approve whole-heartedly.

The Sex-Starved Marriage

HER: While surfing Twitter, I came across a TED Talk by Michele Weiner-Davis. In her presentation, she talks about what happens when people’s sex drives are unequally matched. She seemed to so perfectly describe your previous situation in her video ‘The Sex-Starved Marriage’. Him and HerLiam & Kate are a married couple, very much in love, writing…

The Monogamish Marriage

HER: It doesn’t take a genius to recognize that the institution of matrimony is in crisis. For years now, divorce rates have been rising, marriage rates declining, and as many as 70% of unions have experienced infidelity … whether both partners were aware of it or not. Therapists, religious leaders, self-help authors, and well-meaning friends all…