Nude Pool Party II

Eric Fischl, THE SWIMMING LOVERS, 1984


HIM: Last year’s Nude Pool Party went quite well, and we were looking forward to building on it, when life got in the way. Two deaths in the family completely upended our 2016 summer schedule, and suddenly social skinny dipping slipped way down the priority list. Life is serious, for sure, but frivolity is important, too. In fact, one of the surest signs of healing is a desire for a little mindless fun. For us, that meant Nude Pool Party II: The Sequel.

HER: My thoughts had gone up and down on that first pool party experience. The night of last year’s party I had felt so-so about it, very aware of all the little things that had disappointed me, including the fact that very little sex had actually happened.

HIM: That is so you – the perennially disappointed perfectionist.

HER: I know, but eventually I came to think that, all-in-all, the party had been a success. Still, I felt we could make some definite improvements with a second chance.

HIM: Me too. What were you thinking?

HER: Well, first of all, I thought we should tinker with the guest list. While we genuinely liked everyone we invited the first time, some of the people had worked out well while others hadn’t. For example, one couple was a little too sexually forward with people they barely knew, while another couple seemed dour and insular. Yet another couple was very nice but just projected a totally asexual energy. Now, a year later, we had met many more couples to consider including. I thought we could have both a bigger and more cohesive group.

HIM: I certainly agreed with you. I also thought we could maybe change our approach based on some other parties we had been to. Recently we had connected with a group of lifestyle couples who got together for “sexy socials” where sex itself was not the immediate goal. They were all about making connections in a very relaxed, chill environment. These parties reframed our expectations. Maybe just hanging out, flirting, and skinny dipping would be enough. In the end we only invited two couples from the previous year’s party, added a lot of new people we had met in the mean time, and reset our expectations.

HER: But don’t forget — another key difference this time was we agreed to approach this party as ‘free agents’. One of the problems at the last party was that you connected with a woman whose partner wasn’t attractive to me, and I felt hurt that you had played with her without me knowing or being involved. This time, rather than trying to make a four-way connection, or feeling like we had to wait for our partner to get involved, we each had permission to play independently.

HIM: You’re right. So I guess we relieved some of the pressure in two ways: first of all, we allowed that sex might not happen at all, and that was okay; and secondly, we allowed ourselves the freedom to pursue our own pleasure without having to worry about whether the other was into it or not.

HER: Well, I definitely got my wish for a bigger group. Almost everybody said yes to our invitation and 32 guests showed up in total compared to 16 the year before. We played our lock and key ice-breaker game that had worked so well last time, and everyone seemed to be connecting. People got naked almost right from the beginning. On the ‘free agent’ front, I found myself fooling around in the pool with a sexy couple we had met twice before . Jonathan has a very nice cock — long and thick — and Tammy has beautiful breasts. As soon as I could tell where things were headed, I whispered in your ear that I would be going upstairs with them soon and you were welcome to join if you wanted.

HIM: I remember that moment very well. It was the classic lifestyle paradox: I felt a surge of excitement tempered by a little pang of jealousy.

HER: But we said we were both free to act independently. The only rule was that we’d let each other know what was happening, if that was possible. I let you know.

HIM: Oh, don’t get me wrong. I think the jealousy part is a good thing. It’s like a spice: a little bit is good, but too much is very unpleasant. And as usual, you got it just right. Did you have fun with them?

HER: Well, it started out weird, but it ended well.

HIM: What do you mean?

HER: I think the three of us were excited as we headed upstairs, but shortly after we got to the room we discovered there were actually four of us.

HIM: Four? What?

HER: You remember Brian, of Brian and Tina? I don’t know if you noticed how drunk he was.

HIM: Um, sort of.

HER: Well, he’s usually a great guy, but he was pretty far gone, so I guess he just figured he would tag along and enjoy the show. At first he was just lying on the side of the bed watching, and before long he was jerking off. I thought that wasn’t too bad, but eventually he decided that if watching was fun then touching would be even more fun. At one point I noticed him stroking Tammy’s ass with his free hand. Then I leaned over to suck Jonathan’s cock and, what do you know – there was Brian’s hand guiding it into my mouth! As you know, I love guy-on-guy action, but I don’t think Jonathan was feeling too enthusiastic. In fact, when I asked him later he said, “I just closed my eyes and tried to pretend that I didn’t know whose hand it was.”

Anyway, that proved to be a step too far. Even in the middle of a threeway, I had to be a good hostess and protect my guests from unwanted attention. So I said to Brian, as nicely as possible, that I was hoping to have some time with just these two. Fortunately, he got it and left. After that, we actually had a very nice time together. At one point I was lying face down in my usual coming position – with my head hanging off the side of the bed so I get just a bit of that choking feeling – as Jonathan fucked me. When I opened my eyes there was Tammy, lying on the floor, looking up at my face as her husband fucked me. It was kind of endearing.

HIM: So did you come in your ‘coming position’?

HER: No, but I did get to lick Tammy’s clit later as Jonathan’s cock went into her. As you know, I love that!

Anyway, enough about me. What were you up to while I was occupied?

HIM: I actually had a great time. I had interesting conversations with three women, each of whom I really liked, kissing me at various points with real enthusiasm. Given our plan to reset our expectations, it was a total success for me.

HER: A total success?

HIM: Well, honestly, I would like to have had sex with two of those three women, but just because you and I were playing as ‘free agents’ doesn’t mean that everyone else was. One of those women was married to a guy I knew you weren’t very attracted to, and the other couple had to leave early, before you were finished with Jonathan and Tammy. Still, I was very happy, appreciating what did happen and letting go of what didn’t.

HER: I did the same, but I still ended up with that feeling that we had come close to greatness without actually getting there. While there were more couples who worked really well together this time, there were still some people we had high hopes for who just got weird in a party setting.

HIM: You mean Brian and Tina. Yes, they completely changed personalities under the influence of alcohol. But it wasn’t just them. There was one woman who never said a word to us and got so high she spent much of the evening crying, occasionally crawling around on her hands and knees looking for something in other people’s bags. And there was that couple who were so self-absorbed that they seemed to communicate only in one-way speeches. Oh yeah, and Rob who was rubbing his hard cock against your ass in the pool when you memorably turned around and said, “Sorry, what’s your name again?” That definitely shut him down.

HER: Well, before the end of the night I knew we were going to have another party soon and that, while they didn’t know it, everyone at this party was actually auditioning for the next party. Some people wouldn’t make the cut because of their bad behaviour, but others would be left out through no fault of their own, but simply because their style or energy just didn’t work well in a party setting. By the next morning we were already excited about the sequel to the sequel.


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    Jonathan here and I should clarify that I was t really open to Brad handling me, only because he wasn’t invited. If it were Liam or someone else who was invited, I’d have no problem at all.

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