Swingers Take Italy

Chagall-Nude-over-Vitebsk 1933
Marc Chagall, Nude Over Vitebsk, 1933

HIM: There are two kinds of travellers. Tourists take in all the sights, but never get past the superficial. They remain outsiders. Adventurers connect with real people. They get to see things from an insider’s perspective. We always talk about how much the lifestyle has changed the way we live, and last month it happened again: the lifestyle turned a couple of Tourists into International Sex Adventurers.

HER: I love that we’ve made friends from all over the world, mainly through our travels to LS resorts. But because we live in Toronto, with its diverse immigrant communities, much of the world has come to us. This summer, a lifestyle couple we’re especially close to returned to their home in Italy to get married. He’s from the south and she’s from the north, so the event was planned as a two part, cross-country extravaganza. Although the wedding itself was a vanilla event, they invited 20 of their Canadian non-monogamous friends to join with them and their Italian swinger friends to make up a substantial part of the guest list. We were a barely under-cover cohort, identifiable only by the wide variety of plunging necklines the ladies wore. It was the most outrageous wedding celebration we’ve ever attended.

HIM: I think it says a lot about the quality of lifestyle friendships that a couple can move to a foreign country and, within three years, make so many friends that 20 of them are willing to travel 4,000 miles to attend their wedding.

HER: It says a lot about the couple as well. They are as amazing as their wedding, which was an opulent affair, held at a gorgeous, sprawling facility in the Puglia region. The various lifestyle couples were seated in among the vanilla attendees at all the tables, as if having too high a concentration of swingers at any one table might cause an orgy to break out. Probably a smart move!

HIM: Probably. Over the hours we were served an unbelievable 15 courses (with wine pairings) in five different locations on the property. Remarkably, the groom told me later that they chose the ‘basic’ package. That’s Italy for you, the country where a 15 course meal is considered standard. Fortunately, dancing was also part of the program, burning off at least a few of the mountain of calories. While the wedding was the impetus for the trip, we all knew the real fun would happen during the two-day after party.


HER: The day after the wedding, we all boarded flights to Turin, where the happy couple had lived before emigrating to Canada. We had all arranged our own individual accommodations in advance. You and I found a beautiful apartment close to one of the museums. A few couples in our group, however, had gotten together to rent a two-story mansion in the centre of the city that looked like it could have been the set for a 1920’s Italian film. It was there that we had our first orgy.

HIM: One of the challenges for a large group of swingers who believe strongly in consent is that decision making is almost impossible. Everyone is trying to make sure everyone else is happy. We all went out for a late dinner, and then late drinks, and then even later drinks, before a consensus finally emerged at 2:00am that should have been obvious from the start: we should all head back to the mansion for playtime. I was feeling past my sexual prime time, but I went along with the group.

HER: As often happens, I was one of the first to rip off my clothes. After some two-on two fun with one couple, I wandered into the room next door. That’s where the real orgy was happening. There were about six people on the bed, assorted others arranged in twos and threes on couches and chairs, and a woman bent over what appeared to be — get this — a prayer bench at the foot of the bed. We were in Catholic Italy, so of course there was a crucifix over the bed. Under the non-judgmental eyes of Jesus, the party was on! I quickly spotted an opening between the legs of the bride.

HIM: You “spotted an opening?”

HER: Sorry – I meant “an opportunity.” She was the one getting pounded from behind on the prayer bench. I knelt reverently on the cushioned platform beneath her and started to lick her clit while a nice cock slid into her from behind. I guess that was a little distracting for the owner of the cock, because he soon stopped trying to thrust and just held her from behind while she focused on the orgasm I was guiding her toward. That was one of my highlights of the evening. I love making girls come.

HIM: I had followed you into the room, content just to watch for a while. After you finished with the bride, you came over and asked me if I’d like to spank you over a particularly ornate desk by a window. It was a wonderfully decadent offer, so I said yes. I was in fine spanking form, which you can always tell by the quality of the sound when the spanker’s hand meets the spankee’s bottom. I would say I managed something of a crisp Charlie Watts smack rathe than a resonant John Bonham thud, for you drummers out there. Then I spotted a belt among the discarded clothing on the floor nearby and picked it up to try on you. I started gently, then gradually ramped up the velocity. We soon attracted a bit of an audience, and one of the audience members got pretty excited.

HER: The woman, who said she had never been spanked before, asked if you could demonstrate your technique on her. I happily gave her my postion and went over to the crowded bed to see what fun I could find. It was so erotic to be in the middle of a pile of people who I trusted and liked. That’s my ideal situation: hands and tongues and cocks all over my body. After awhile, I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to come, so I extricated myself and settled into a chair in the corner to watch you finish your spanking seminar. By that time, the woman who you had been instructing was thanking you in the way familiar to swingers the world over: she was on her knees, sucking your cock.

HIM: It was a lovely gesture, but I was starting to remember how tired I had been two hours earlier. I looked over at you, and it seemed like your eyes were saying that the orgy was over for you, too. We could write three articles describing everything we saw that night — and heard about the next morning — but we’ve got a lot more to cover here.

Part 2 – The Club

HER: The next night, we all made our way to Olympia Club PrivĂ© about 15 minutes outside the city centre. Now, we are no stranger to sex clubs (see our article on Toronto’s sex clubs here), but we were genuinely surprised by this place. The first room was a typical bar/lounge/dance floor set-up, but that’s where the typical ends. The first space we went to in the back had a series of small rooms with barred windows. The fake brick walls and black light reminded me of a laser tag arena. I wasn’t overly impressed yet. After that room was the spa, where there was a shallow indoor pool, two hot tubs (that weren’t hot), and two saunas. Getting better. Beyond that was a huge indoor/outdoor space with its own bar. The large outdoor pool with waterfall was surrounded by lounge chairs and, around a stand of trees was a grouping of beach beds. Wow! It was there that we set up for the evening.

HIM: A little earlier in the disco, I overheard you telling the Groom that you wanted him to fuck you.

HER: Actually, what I said was, “I would like to reserve some time with your cock.” He is one of the few men who can reliably make me orgasm. Since he was the guest of honour, he was popular, so I didn’t want to leave things up to chance. He loved that I asked for what I wanted. I guess that’s one thing men appreciate about me: there’s not much ambiguity. When the group moved outdoors, he and I claimed one of the beach beds. After a little oral back and forth, he asked one of their Italian friends (a woman he had known and played with for years) to come lie down. He wanted me to go down on her while he did me from behind. I was happy to oblige.

HIM: When you were bent over the bed, I could feel the lust he was experiencing as he surveyed the view. You have a juicy ass, let’s face it, and for the right kind of guy (90% of all human males) it is like a drug they can’t resist. Add to that the spectacle of you licking his girlfriend, and he was ready to go in seconds. He quickly put on a condom and got busy. Every so often he would sigh something like ‘holy fuck’, and shake his head in happy disbelief. Meanwhile, the bride and I were standing beside the bed, kissing and touching each other, and making sure we didn’t miss a single moment of what our spouses were up to. She leaned over the bed, and I leaned over her (with a condom on my now rock hard cock). That was the best view in the stadium. I moved my cock slowly, slowly, slowly into and out of her, the way I know from experience that she likes. She came…

HER: And I came twice, hard and fast. All the arousal without actually coming the night before had set me up for an explosion that was everything I had been craving for 24 hours.

HIM: It worked out pretty perfectly for both of us, something regular readers of this blog will know is not always the case for me.

HER: I didn’t want us to monopolize the guests of honour, so I told the groom to be sure not to come. I also wanted to save myself for more action. I went flitting around the beds like a sex butterfly, sampling all the delights on offer. It’s so much fun to know everyone around you. Eventually I circled back to you.

HIM: I was with some friends about to step into one of the indoor pools when you came in. I had frankly lost track of where you were, but was very happy to see you at that moment. We found a secluded corner in the water and started to kiss when something amazing began to happen, something that I only seem to experience maybe once every year or two. For some reason I got obsessed with your nipples. Looking at them, pulling on them, sucking them, making up stories about them in my head – it was like I had never seen a pair in real life before. This made me super hard again, so we jumped out of the water and found a bed beside the pool.

HER: You did me from behind with our feet toward the pool so our friends could have a good view. We both had epic orgasms. Again, we’re leaving out a lot, but that was basically the end of the evening for us.

Part 3: The Date

HIM: After the sex club experience, people started to drift away from Turin to finish up their time in Europe. Some went to Venice, others to Florence or Rome. We opted for a couple of nights in Milan, a city we had never seen before. It turned out that we weren’t the only ones from the group heading in that direction. Lido and Tamara, a couple we had met before the trip, also scheduled some time in Milan. We thought that after being part of what was basically a sex mob for a few days, some quiet two-on-two time would be nice.

HER: We met for dinner at a new restaurant near the Duomo, Milan’s main cathedral. Speaking of which, if you can make it happen, treat yourself to a visit some day before you die. The Duomo is now tied with Notre Dame for the most over-the-top spectacular building I have ever seen!

Duomo view
Enjoying the view from the roof of the Duomo in Milan

HIM: I agree. What these mainly anonymous artisans accomplished over a few centuries makes going to the moon seem like a relatively simple, straightforward human achievement.

HER: Anyway, back to our story. After dinner, we headed back to Lido & Tamara’s hotel room. After a minimum of preliminaries we all took off our clothes and arranged ourselves on their king-sized bed — me with him, you with her.

HIM: It was a very typical swap, which is interesting because we don’t do “typical” very often. At our different paces we proceeded from oral to fucking, with a little touching across the gap before we each finished with our own partners. The strength of our orgasms at the end, which were ridiculously good for both of us, came as a happy surprise.

Part 4: The Concert

HER: As if all this wasn’t enough, we discovered just before the end of our trip that a couple we had met at Hedo years ago would be in Milan at the same time we were. He’s a musician who just happened to be on a European tour, and he had brought his wife along with him. On our final night in Europe, his band would be performing in a picturesque fortress just a five minute walk from our hotel. If we had tried to plan it intentionally we couldn’t have arranged things more perfectly.

HIM: We weren’t sure what their plans were, so we didn’t have any expectations of play. Your pussy had taken a happy beating three of the previous four nights, so that was no doubt a good thing. It turned out to be a fantastic evening. The band was phenomenal, we got a little shout out from the stage, and we had some quality catching-up time with them backstage after the show before the tour bus whisked them away.

HER: It was a perfect end to our swinger tour. And it reminded us, for the hundredth time, how lucky we are to be part of this community. While sex is the starting point, in the end, it’s the connections that made it possible for us to become true international adventurers.