Our Best Foursome Ever

Théodore Géricault, THREE LOVERS, 1817

HIM: This is fresh. It was just three hours ago that we said goodbye to our good friends Dominic and Maria at the downtown condo we rented for the weekend. On our way out, you said to them, “That was our best foursome ever.” But I think what you meant was, that was my best foursome ever. 

HER: Well, whatever is good for you is good for me. It’s no secret to anyone who has read our blog that you have struggled with performance anxiety in certain situations. 

HIM: Yes, especially in this specific situation. Let’s face it: when it comes to swinging, the cornerstone experience is full-swap sex between two couples. While we have connected with many amazing people over the years, in many different configurations, I don’t think there’s ever been a two-on-two situation where I haven’t hit the wall at some point, where I haven’t been held back by erection problems. That’s why I generally avoid them. And that’s what makes what happened this weekend so remarkable. 

HER: About a month ago, Dominic and Maria asked us if we wanted to get together this weekend. After weeks of being locked down and working from home with our kids around non-stop, we said yes right away.

HIM: On Friday morning, I suggested we see if we could get an Airbnb for the weekend. I was hoping we could get a nice space with a lot of light so we could take some photos in the afternoon, make dinner together afterward, and obviously, have a lot of time left over for sex.

HER: The odds were against us finding anything stellar with almost no notice, but we managed to grab a surprisingly nice two-bedroom condo by the lake, ready for possession in a few hours. The fates were on our side.

HIM: I like building our time together around a photo shoot, which has worked well for me in the past. By the time our guests arrived, I had scoped out the interior for good angles and light. You and Maria immediately changed into lingerie and I told you about some of the shots I wanted. You both got into it right away.  

HER: Unlike our usual shoots where I’m the solo model, I had a beautiful woman to play with this time. When she straddled me and started hungrily rubbing her clit on my thigh, I forgot about the camera. I suddenly wanted to dominate her. She got into it and asked me to put her in a collar and leash. I then led her to the bed where I flogged and spanked her.

HIM: And like the true switch you are, you also took a turn being on the receiving end. Before long, a cock was called for, so while I continued with the camera, Dominic quickly got out of his clothes. You and Maria lavished attention on his hard cock as you slowly shed the little bit you were still wearing, and Dominic entered you from behind. After awhile, he came up with an idea. Disappearing briefly from the room, he returned with a gleaming, jeweled butt plug. For you. He immediately set to lubing your ass. I was suddenly very excited. How did you feel?

HER: To be honest, I wasn’t very aware of what was happening. I had been eating Maria’s pussy, while her husband fucked me from behind, so, when he stopped for a minute, I wasn’t really thinking about why. But when Maria squealed with delight and jumped up to get a better look, I realized something was coming. The cold metal of the butt plug pushing against my ass cleared up that confusion.

HIM: I was entranced. I’ve vaguely liked the idea of ass jewelry since I saw it for the first time a few years ago, but I never imagined you would try it. I was silently going crazy inside, watching you with your ass in the air as Dominic began flogging you with that jewel shining between your cheeks. I was so hard that Maria put a condom on my cock and bent over for me to enter her while I was still taking pictures. Eventually, Dominic lay down and told you to straddle him. He said he could actually feel the bulge of the butt plug as his cock slid into and out of you. I think the thing that turned me on the most was that you wanted me to photograph you that way. 

HER: I knew you’d enjoy the view, and I was thrilled to see you fucking Maria. I know you’ve had some of your best lifestyle moments with her, but they weren’t always reliable. I would have ridden Dominic all day if it meant you would be able to stay hard and enjoy her. But the butt plug didn’t do much for me. It felt like I was about to crap myself. Not sexy. Eventually, Dominic and I left to fuck in the other room, leaving you two alone.

HIM: I was in another zone altogether with Maria by this time. I have fucked her before, but never in such an inspired way. In the past, it was always more like “let’s make the most of this erection while it lasts.” But this time, I was completely in the zone. I felt like I would be hard for days. I gave her oral sex while she straddled my face until she came spectacularly. Then, to return the favor, she slid along my cock with her pussy, surrounding my shaft with her lips (what some people call ‘hotdogging’). It was such a turn-on to see my unprotected cock so close to slipping into her without any danger that it actually would. After that, I asked her to lay on her back while I put on another condom. Then — for the first time ever — I did with someone who isn’t you what I can usually only do with you: I fucked her from every angle; shallow and deep; slow and fast; legs up, legs down, legs to the side. I listened carefully to her breathing to gauge which combinations worked best. When I was up on my knees between her legs at one point, I asked her if anyone had ever spanked her breasts before. She said no, but that she was open to trying. So, I slapped her tits while I was fucking her vigorously and she loved it. 

HER: I had no idea all that was going on. I would love to have seen it. But, just for the record, don’t try that tit slapping thing with me. 

HIM: Oh, don’t worry, I know it’s not your style. It’s really only fun for me with a woman who really wants it, and Maria really did.  

HER: Once Dominic made me come twice, we could still hear you and Maria going at it in the other room, so we gave you your space and just snuggled for a bit. It was one of those strange and wonderful lifestyle moments where I was lying in the arms of another man as he talked about all the things he liked about me while we listened to our partners fuck in the other room. When things finally wound down, we came over to suggest we all take a break for dinner. 

HIM: That was fine with me. Maria put together some ingredients she brought with her into a very simple, very tasty dish. Then we settled into a nice conversation on the sectional sofa. 

HER: I liked seeing you and Maria cuddled up on the sofa. It was true compersion for me. I felt completely happy for you and totally unthreatened. You could have whispered ‘I love you’ to her and it wouldn’t have bothered me a bit. 

HIM: Really? Why do you think that is?

HER: It’s more about their relationship than ours. I can’t help it, I have this irrational fear that some woman may steal you away someday, but when I see a couple as connected as Dominic and Maria, I feel safe. I know she doesn’t want to replace Dominic with you. When I feel safe, nothing is off the table. 

HIM: Good to know! After a while, Maria announced that she had a treat for us. As a recovering sugaraholic, I assumed that meant dessert, but I was very wrong. 

HER: So wrong. She disappeared into the bathroom and came out wearing a coin sequined bikini with a hip scarf and proceeded to do a belly dance routine she had learned. 

HIM: At first I thought, “this is adorable,” but then I started to get really turned on. I’ve seen belly dancers before, but never found it especially arousing. But this was completely different. I think it was the immediacy and vulnerability.

HER: Well, I’m sure it didn’t hurt that the bikini top kept slipping up her boobs, and the coins kept separating for her nipples to poke out. 

HIM: No, that definitely didn’t hurt. I kept thinking of the ancient tradition of women dancing for men, like Salome dancing for Herod in the New Testament. Of course, that idea is so passé now, but I felt that old fashioned power as Maria continued with her sinuous moves. When the song was over, she slumped back onto the sofa with us, slyly spreading her legs to reveal that she had been wearing crotchless panties. The unexpected sight of her pussy took my breath away.

HER: That was all the spark we needed to start again. Within moments, you were on your knees between her legs and I had Dominic’s big cock in my mouth.

HIM: When Maria switched to giving me oral, I got totally turned on looking over at you sucking Dominic’s cock. Your pants weren’t even off yet — you were just topless — and somehow that made it even more hot. After a while Maria and I moved into the bedroom.

HER: Dominic and I kept at it in the living room. He finally took my pants off and started fingering me. He checked in, because he knows I’m not a big fan, but everything he does is fantastic, and he was able to make me squirt. Twice. After a little clean-up, we finally joined you in the bedroom. Maria asked me to use the strap-on with her, something I’d promised her earlier in the day.. 

HIM: That’s when I ran to get the camera. I didn’t want to miss a moment. 

HER: There’s something incredibly arousing about being ‘the man’. I held her close, as I gripped handfuls of her hair and plunged my ‘cock’ into her. I love that so much! It seemed Dominic did too, because he got behind me and found a way to fuck me from behind while I was still inside Maria. At that point, I was just the passenger, a literal middle-man in the action.

HIM: And I got it all on video. When you finished, I was hard as a rock, so Maria told me to put the camera down and she started riding me like a human Sybian machine. I’ve had enough experience with her to know there are times when she just wants a man to be hard and steady while she does most of the work. That’s when I heard Dominic say he wanted to fuck you in the ass .

HER: It seemed like this day had a little bit of everything! By this point I was definitely down for anal. My best experiences have come after lots of sex, when I am more relaxed down there. So, I got on my hands and knees and let him go through his routine.  He really knows what he’s doing.

HIM: I had the best spectator experience ever. I had a beautiful woman bouncing up and down on my cock while I watched another man have anal with my wife. My definition of the good life. 

HER: He did me from behind while I used a vibrator on my clit, then he turned me over. With my feet up on his chest, I put the vibrator in my pussy, giving us a virtual double penetration. I think he liked the view, because he started pounding me harder. I couldn’t get enough! I begged him to go faster, and told him I wanted him to come in my ass. He got close to orgasm, but he didn’t quite get there. I think I tired him out.

HIM: By now, Maria had come…again. You suggested we men return to our partners so we could finally come. While Dominic bent Maria over the bed, you and I took our ‘finishing position’ beside them. It was a  great time of reconnection after a day of spectacular abandon. When I felt that my orgasm was imminent, I pulled out and came all over your pussy and tummy.

HER: That’s when Maria did something I did not foresee. With Dominic’s cock still inside her, she leaned over and started licking your cum off my stomach. “You’re such a dirty girl!” I said, and she smiled back, face gleaming, very pleased with herself.

HIM: It’s a funny paradox: my orgasm made that moment possible, but I couldn’t fully appreciate what she did. You know the way a man’s arousal level evaporates once he comes? I understood that Maria tasting my cum  was hot without feeling that it was hot, if you know what I mean. But Dominic seemed to love it, because he exploded seconds later

HER: So tell me: what do you think made the difference? Why was everything so easy for you  this time?

HIM: I think there were a few things going on. First of all, we forgot to mention  you had brought some weed gummies with you, and, early in the afternoon, I decided to try one for the first time. I’ve heard so many people talk about THC as a performance booster when it comes to sex. Although I’m abstemious by nature, I thought it would be foolish not to at least experiment. 

HER: We all took a half a gummy. No one reported feeling anything, but it could have been working for you on an unconscious level.

HIM: You’re right, I didn’t feel any difference that I was aware of, but I wonder if I took just enough to relax the part of me that usually feels overwhelmed in these situations. But, if that was the case, would I still be feeling it eight hours after taking what can only be called a microdose? I think there must have been other factors at work. 

HER: Like what?

HIM: Well, for one, I went into the whole experience determined not to focus on my cock. My plan was to concentrate solely on connecting with Maria. She is an amazing woman with a real ‘no pressure’ vibe, so that made it easy. But there was something else, too: maybe it was just as simple as all the ‘HOLY FUCK!’ moments that transpired…

     You with the ass jewelry: HOLY FUCK! 

     Maria hotdogging my hard cock: HOLY FUCK!

     Dominic pounding your ass as you urged him on: HOLY FUCKING FUCK!

HER: So, the key to your success is, basically, throw as many sexy things at you as possible and see what sticks?

HIM: Yeah, that and sprinkle a little weed on top.

HER: Sounds like a plan.


  1. Ivan says:

    Amazing story folks. We just felt so comforted with many situations that happen to us as well, we now feel as normal as everybody. We consider ourselves as confidents as Maria and Dominic in our relationship and felt identified with all feelings and situations in your story. We love to be swingers. We are from far away Latin America, so, sorry for our english 😉

    1. Him and Her says:

      Thank you for writing, Ivan. It sounds like you and your partner are living a fantastic life. We wish you all the best on your adventures!

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