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George Grosz, “Ménage-à-trois (Eva, Lotte and George)”, 1927 

HER: Sitting in the Metro Burger Bar at LaGuardia airport, we’re doing what we always do after a lifestyle event: talking incessantly about it. So while the details are fresh in our minds, we thought we’d jot down the highlights of the first ever Podcast-A-Palooza. It was all about meeting and sharing and learning, to be sure, but it ultimately led to podcasters doing dirty things to other podcasters.

HIM: Perhaps some background information would be helpful. Two months ago, Cate from the excellent Swinging Downunder podcast had a crazy idea: she and Darrell would use their brief stop-over in NYC on their way to Desire to put together an event hosted by some of the voices of swinging. She reached out to the folks from That Couple Next Door, The Spiritual Swingers, and the two of us at The Monogamish Marriage, to see if we’d be interested in making brief presentations. We all said “of course!” and Podcast-A-Palooza was born.

HER: We love New York City and visit frequently, so we were happy to have an excuse to fly down for the weekend. But the real draw for us was the opportunity to finally meet the people whose voices we’ve enjoyed so much. As the only bloggers, we were flattered to be included with the ‘cool kids’ of the podcasting world.

HIM: Of course, when lifestyle people say ‘meet’, they’re not just talking about shaking hands and exchanging business cards. These are seriously sexy people we’re talking about (which we knew from their various online pictures) who have fun and thoughtful approaches to the lifestyle (which we knew from their podcasts). On top of that, we were all staying at the same hotel. It was easy to imagine the sexual possibilities, and, sure enough, some amazing sex did happen, though not the way I would have scripted it.

HER: Unfortunately, your herniated disk problem chose the week before our trip to go full nuclear, leaving you in unbearable pain. You were living on the couch for the four days before we left (yes, the peeing-in-a-bottle kind of living on the couch). I hated seeing you in agony, but we were both determined not to miss this event. You soldiered through with the help of wheelchair assistance at the airports and as many painkillers as you could responsibly consume.

HIM: My biggest concern was delivering my part of our presentation on Saturday afternoon, so I was glad we had decided to fly in the day before. That way, I would be able to recover from the ordeal of the flight well in advance.

HER: Baby, you know I feel for you, but you ca’t really talk about the ordeal of our one-hour flight from Toronto when Cate and Darrell had flown 18 hours from Singapore to be there and didn’t have a chance to sleep before the event. I was amazed they were still standing!

HIM: Good point. Anyway, there was another nice thing about having arrived a day early, and that was that we weren’t the only ones. Jay and Kay – That Couple Next Door – had also come to town on the Friday. We decided to meet for dinner at the hotel once they were settled.

HER: The conversation with these two amazing people was so good that I was eager to head back to their room after dinner. I was hoping you were feeling the same way but the look on your face when you got up from your seat said ‘no way’.

HIM: When we got back to our room you mentioned something about getting some help “stuffing folders,” which I know meant preparing the printed material for the next day’s seminar but also managed to communicate how much you wanted to have sex with these people.

HER: I was torn, because I really wanted to play with them. Your injury had meant a week without sex for me, after all, so I was really horny. But I didn’t like the idea of leaving you alone in pain while I skipped off to have a threesome.

HIM: I felt the exact opposite. I hate being a drag on anyone, so the idea of you having fun instead of glumly commiserating with me made me feel at least a little bit better. And even through the libido-killing haze of the pain, I imagined being very turned on later hearing about your exploits.

HER: Well, those exploits were certainly noteworthy! As good as these two were at conversation, they were even better in the bedroom. Kay is so fun and playful. She has gorgeous breasts, orgasms on a dime, and doesn’t hide her enthusiasm for her husband’s pleasure. She was a joy to play with. And Jay did everything right. He’s a great kisser, has a perfect cock, and choreographed all kinds of interesting combinations of bodies. He made me come three times and then came on my stomach not once but twice within just a few minutes. It was one of the best threesomes I’ve ever had.

HIM: I’m glad it was great for you, but I have to admit that hearing about Jay’s multiple orgasms makes me more than a little jealous. If he wasn’t also everything I admire in a person — intelligent, considerate, accomplished, humble — I could get a real hate-on for him!

HER: You got some benefit from it, though. After recounting all the details when I got back to the room, you were so turned on, you quickly added to the cum on my stomach.

HIM: To be accurate, sweetie, I masturbated onto your pussy lips, a special privilege I get as your husband. In truth, I was surprised I was able to get that excited. Your words must have bypassed my mind and gone straight to my cock. I was still in pain and holding the position required to come on such a specific target in my state was some kind of bio-mechanical miracle.

Anyway, the next day, Podcast-A-Palooza itself turned out to be pretty amazing. The sold-out crowd was full of attractive, fun people who enjoyed the cool loft C had arranged for us. Our lock and key ice-breaker game got the guests mingling, then we brought them together to listen to the podcasters’ prepared talks. We went first by giving some advice about hosting lifestyle house parties. The Spiritual Swingers spoke from the heart about religion and sex, and That Couple Next Door shared their thoughtful and entertaining hotwifing stories.

HER: Unfortunately, since the guests were set free to refill their drinks between talks, the 30 minutes allotted for Swinging Downunder evaporated. With only fifteen minutes left until we had to be out of the loft, they decided to skip their presentation. I was so bummed! Not only did Cate do almost all the work of organizing and promoting this event, but they had come the farthest and probably had the biggest fan base. I was really looking forward to their talk. But the venue was booked for another event right after ours, and there was no flexibility with timing.

HIM: That was unfortunate. I felt for them. But at least there was the after-party to look forward to, so people could still get a chance to hang out with Cate and Darrell at the bar afterward. I had optimistically planned to float to the after-party on a pharmacological cloud, but the pain returned with a vengeance five steps from the front door. I decided I had to head back to the hotel.

HER: Everyone was so concerned for you. Darrell from Swinging Downunder ran ahead to stop a cab and even tipped the driver in advance to be sure he took extra good care of you. What a sweetie! I was asked about you constantly at the bar as I kept tabs on you by text. That and the loads of interesting conversations I had with the guests just reminded me, yet again, of the wonderful, caring community we have. The lifestyle is about so much more than sex.

But speaking of sex, wow, did we have an amazing play time once we got back to the hotel! Adam and Eve decided to call it a night after their early morning flight, so (after a quick check-in with you) I joined Cate & Darrell and Jay & Kay in their suite. The girls were all in lingerie that quickly came off, and the two guys were spoiled for choice.

“…podcasters doing dirty things to other podcasters” – a still from Jay’s GoPro video.

There were hands and tongues and hard cocks everywhere. At one point, I realized there were two people watching us from a window across the street. They got a pretty incredible live porn show before we closed the curtains, including me enjoying Cate’s beautiful pussy. After all three of the girls had come from oral, we moved from the sitting room into the bedroom, where Jay set up his GoPro camera to make sure everything was captured on video, and we got right to it. Darrell started fucking Kay while Cate and Jay gave me a good flogging and clit spanking. I was desperate for it when Jay started to fuck me. He did a perfect job of walking the line I love between rough and respectful, asking at every point if I was okay with what he planned to do next. Since he’s in medicine and knows CPR, I completely trusted him with the asphyxiation play that I so love. At various times he had his hand over my mouth and around my neck, and even clamped the flogger across my throat at one point. He made me come again.


Then we switched, and I lay on my side at the edge of the bed to watch the show. Darrell slid in behind me and started doing me while Cate was bent over the bed with Jay pounding her from behind. Darrell’s cock (which was rock hard all night) was so long I actually squealed when he hit my cervix. Momentary distraction. With some minor adjustments we got into an easy groove. Cate’s face was practically in my pussy, so she had a close-up view of her husband sliding into me. He lifted my leg into the air to be sure she could see everything.

Afterward, the boys turned their attention to Kay, who had an incredible array of toys used on her. Cate and I took pictures for posterity. Then we all lay around naked eating M&M’s, marvelling at how crazy amazing our lives are. It was kind of perfect. Except that you weren’t there.

HIM: This was a brand new step for us. Although we’ve played separately at parties, neither of us has ever participated in sex so completely independently of the other. Generally, I think our job in every aspect of marriage is to make each other as happy as possible. Most of the time it’s by what we do with and for each other, but in this case it meant allowing you to do something without me. That’s actually the easiest gift to give — at it’s core it’s about doing nothing — but a lot of people get hung up on it. Anyway, I know you’d do the same thing for me if the situations were reversed. Right?

HER: I like to think I would, but you’re a special breed. Honestly, I probably would have felt a tinge of resentment if the tables were turned. I might have asked you not to go. That’s one of the reasons I love you so much: you’re a better person than I am.

HIM: Listen, I’m no martyr. I was pretty certain there would be a pay-off for me later, the kind Jay talked about in his presentation on hotwifing. Reliving what happens in absentia can be incredibly hot. But as I reflected on our experience later, I had to admit that doing the right thing had a price. Any time you give your partner total freedom to explore with others, there is a little bit of hurt involved. There has to be.

HER: Then why do it? I can’t stand the thought of hurting you. I would rather never sleep with anyone else than cause you pain.

HIM: Except that the hurt is an essential part of the pleasure. If someone gives you a spanking, but they do it so gently that it doesn’t even have a little sting to it, does that work for you?

HER: No.

HIM: So it’s the same thing with this. Sharing you is supposed to hurt me a little bit. I’m supposed to feel kind of left out. The problem was that, with my herniated disc, I didn’t get the counter balancing rush of the turn-on. My libido had been reduced to zero. It was all pain and no pleasure.

HER: Oh sweetie, all you had to do was tell me not to go and I would have stayed with you.

HIM: But our fundamental job as swingers (you know it’s a job, right, with privileges and responsibilities?) is to choose adventure over caution. That applies as much to the ones we love as it does to ourselves. Giving you permission to pursue pleasure without distraction was clearly the right thing to do in those circumstances. You didn’t steal your pleasure from me. You got to be your best self in a once-in-a-lifetime situation, you made some amazing memories, and I learned some interesting things about myself and our relationship. Everybody won, as far as I could tell. I just won differently. And I’m going to love that video once the pain is gone!


  1. Jay & Kay says:

    What a sexy article! I love how you shared your feelings about feeling left out at the end and your words ring true. We look forward to letting you know how much we wished you were with us and I’m sure Kay has pent up attraction that she’s eager to unleash on you.

    1. Him and Her says:

      Thanks, Jay! Once He’s back to his old self, we will absolutely show Kay the good time she deserves. We can’t wait to see you both again! ?

  2. swingopen says:

    Awesomely sexy account of the events! We are jealous. Hopefully one day we will get to meet some of the sexy bloggers and podcasters!

    1. Him and Her says:

      This may be just the first of many Podcast-A-Paloozas! We’d love to do it again.

  3. Adam says:

    Trying not to regret that we crashed early, but other opportunities to join in the sexy fun with all of you will “come” around again. 😉

    1. Him and Her says:

      Absolutely! We missed you guys, but you haven’t seen the last of us!

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