Desire Diaries: A Voyeur’s Paradise

Giulio Romano, THE LOVERS, 1524


HIM: If someone asked me to list my sexual interests in order of preference, voyeurism wouldn’t be anywhere near the top. I’ve definitely had some good times watching other people have sex, but overall, I think I get more turned on by what’s going on inside my head than what others are doing around me.

HER: I would almost agree with you except that you become a total voyeur when the person having sex in front of you is me. So you must have been ecstatic during our recent trip to Desire RM in Mexico with a group led by ‘That Couple Next Door’. You got to have two different voyeuristic experiences watching me have sex with two amazing men, all on the same afternoon.

HIM: Yes, I was ecstatic — eventually — but I almost missed out on those experiences completely.  It started when you announced that we had been invited to an afternoon orgy on our third day there. My immediate response was, “How about you just go without me?”

HER: I couldn’t believe it! A group of hot, smart, interesting people ask us to get naked with them in their luxury suite and you’d rather … what? Go to the gym? Watch TV in our room? Sit alone by the pool? What were you afraid of?

HIM: I wasn’t “afraid” of anything. I knew that you were interested in connecting sexually with several of the people in the group, especially Jay and Kay.  We hadn’t seen them since we met at Podcast-a-Palooza in New York City more than a year before, and you were eager to reconnect. So, an orgy would be perfect for you: the kind of situation where you flourish. However, the ‘performance on demand’ element does not play to my strengths. I function best in situations where sex is more of a pleasant surprise than a scripted expectation. I imagined myself spending the entire afternoon preoccupied with avoiding engagement.

HER: That’s sad.

HIM: Not really. It’s just about knowing yourself. We’ve seen lots of couples in the lifestyle where one half is holding the other half back, for whatever reason, and I’m determined never to do that to you. As far as I’m concerned, you can have as much sex as you want, with whomever you want, whenever you want. I just don’t always feel the need to be a part of it. I don’t think there’s anything sad about that.

HER: Well, call me old-fashioned, but I did not want to be the only girl at the orgy without a date. I pictured struggling to explain why, exactly, you weren’t there when I didn’t really understand it myself. In that situation, I would rather not go at all than go alone.

HIM: That was the deciding factor for me. To me, being a supportive partner has two dimensions: giving you the freedom to do what you want, and being there for you when you need me. As soon as it was clear that you couldn’t go and fully enjoy yourself without me, I was in.

HER: I appreciate that. And, as it turned out, we both had a fantastic time.

HIM: Yes we did. When we arrived, there were about ten couples in the villa’s private walk-out pool. We took off our clothes, waded in, and started talking to Rory and Amy right away. 

HER: They are a great couple: smart, funny and extremely attractive. Rory had gone out of his way to make his interest in me clear the day before, and I was definitely into him.

HIM: The conversation was rolling along pleasantly when I began to notice that all of their swinging stories centred around Rory having sex with various women. So I asked Amy if she ever had sex with other men. “Well, there was this one time in Chicago,” she said, “but generally, no.”

DPR with Jim 05_b
With Jay from ‘That Couple Next Door’

HER: They have an interesting dynamic. She loves watching Rory have sex with other women, but isn’t much interested in having sex with other men. So I started thinking right away: this could be our dream couple! I get to have sex with a fascinating man with a great cock, and you get a total free pass on having sex with the woman. In fact, you’d be giving Amy exactly what she wanted: zero responsibility for someone else’s pleasure.

HIM: It worked all around. We went upstairs to the loft bedroom with a perfect understanding of how things would go. You and Rory started fucking on the bed, while Amy and I (both still naked) took our places near the bed. That’s where the differences in our approach became apparent, however. Amy had brought her vibrator and immediately started using it. It turns out her brand of voyeurism is extremely active. She was clearly turned on by what she was witnessing between you and Rory.

HER: I loved watching her. She is beautiful, with an unbelievable body: big, natural breasts, slim waist, curvy booty. I had been staring at her by the pool earlier that day. To see her masturbating while watching her man fuck me hard was fire!

HIM: She was totally responding in the moment. Interestingly, of the four of us, she was the only one who had an orgasm. I, on the other hand, wasn’t really turned on at all, as ridiculous as that sounds. The way it works for me is that I take in the whole scene, paying attention to the details, but the payoff doesn’t come until later. Sometimes much later.

HER: Well, I was definitely turned on in the moment, but, as usual, I couldn’t get all the way to orgasm. So after Rory and I went through all the positions, and Amy got off, I grabbed you and said, “I really need to come!” We went down to the main level where I got you hard easily and we fucked on the couch. I came three times and, when we were finished, the audience in the pool (which I was only vaguely aware of) broke into spontaneous applause.

HIM: I was kind of aware that we were being watched, but I didn’t allow myself to look up. I felt a little self conscious, but I have to admit that the applause was gratifying. Once we collected ourselves, we ended up back in the pool, this time talking to Jay and Kay.

HER: I love those two! Our initial connection in New York was so strong, both socially and sexually, and I was glad to find time hadn’t diminished it at all.

HIM: As we chatted, I had one of those weird experiences where a thought in my head magically turns into reality. At one level we were having a polite conversation about their time at Temptation in the few days before they arrived at Desire, and at another level I was thinking that I wanted you to let him fuck you in the ass. And, before I knew what was happening, I heard you say to Jay, “I want you to fuck me in the ass.” Was it really as random as that?

HER: I think Kay had said something about how Jay liked to give anal, but it wasn’t going to be with her. I mentioned I was going through a bit of an anal phase and I would love for him to fuck me in the ass. The man did not have to be asked twice. We jumped out of that pool and hustled upstairs, with Kay’s blessing. She’s sweet like that.

HIM: She and I sat down on the same sofa where you and I had fucked just a little while earlier to check in with each other. We have a very easy connection and I think we each wanted to be sure that the other was comfortable with what was about to happen. I told her I wanted to go upstairs to watch and asked if she wanted to as well. She said, “No, I’ll leave this to you,” which I accepted as a kind of gift from her. I then asked her if she thought Jay would mind if I took pictures and she said that he would probably love it. By the time I arrived on the scene, you were lying back on the bed while Jay knelt between your legs, teasing your lips and clit with the head of his cock (to see video of their encounter, click here to become a ‘Full Swap’ Patreon member).

HER: I was really turned on at this point. And I was glad to see you. I know how much you love the tease of an unprotected cock rubbing dangerously close to my pussy. 

HIM: You’re right, I do, so I started taking pictures right away. The light drifting indirectly through the large sliding doors cast a perfect glow on the scene. After I had snapped a few, I asked Jay to let me know if I was distracting him. He assured me that it was turning him on even more and went back to the important business of ravishing you. This time I had something to do in addition to watching. Taking pictures was functioning for me as Amy’s masturbation had for her, connecting me physically to my partner’s adventure. After a few pictures, it occurred to me that, with a flip of a switch, I could be shooting video. What I saw with my own eyes, and what I captured with the camera, was amazing.

HER: Jay is a man of unique skill. At the beginning he alternated between slapping my clit with his cock and sliding the shaft up and down between my lips. Then he went down on me while holding my legs up in the air with one hand until I was practically begging to be fucked. He put on a condom and entered me, slowly pulling all the way out after each thrust before plunging back in. After repeating this tease quite a few times, he paused. Instead of putting his cock back into my pussy, he pressed the head against my asshole. This was what I had been desperate for. Adding lots of lube, he gradually eased his entire (not inconsiderable) length into me. It was one of the few times anal didn’t hurt for me. I think, given that he was the third man I had fucked within an hour, I was as warmed up and turned on as it was possible for a woman to be. Starting slowly, he proceeded to hold my legs up over my head and began to do me harder and harder. 

DPR with Jay Feb2020
With Jay from ‘That Couple Next Door’

HIM: I couldn’t believe you were taking it in the ass with so much intensity. The cries coming from your lips were right on that line between agony and ecstasy. At one point I thought of checking in with you, but I didn’t want to break the spell that Jay had seemingly put you under. 

HER: Well, believe me, it was nothing but good, so I’m glad you didn’t jump in. Jay is something like a jazz musician, sexually speaking: he starts with a simple melody (like anal sex) then improvises around it, so to speak. You never know exactly what’s coming next, but you know it’s going to be great. After a while, he pulled an interesting variation on the pillowcase trick I had experienced in New York. Instead of putting the pillowcase around my hips, like reins to pull me into him, this time he put it behind my neck, wrapping the ends around his fists so he could alternately tighten and release it. Breath play is something he knows drives me crazy, and he’s the only person other than you that I trust enough to do it with. Finally, he pulled my head up closer to his face, practically folding me in half, and told me to look at him. Now, I’m not a person who can do the eye gazing thing without laughing. I usually keep my eyes closed to avoid distraction. But this was intense: his cock pounding my ass, the pillowcase controlling my head, and the demand to look at him all worked together to make me feel thoroughly owned. I fucking loved it.

HIM: When I saw him softly lower your head back on to the bed, I could feel that things were winding down. As Jay went back downstairs to reconnect with Kay, you reached for your vibrator. That’s when I knew that you hadn’t come yet, and I was more than ready to go again. We fucked on the bed beside another fantastic couple, Alanna and Karl, who had come up earlier to enjoy the show you and Jay put on. You had three more loud orgasms, just as you had with me earlier after fucking Rory. With a much smaller audience to perform for, I pulled out just before my own orgasm and came on the small of your back.

HER: That was a LOT of sex, but it wasn’t over yet. After dinner we went back to our room and looked at the pictures and videos you had taken. It was surprisingly arousing seeing things from your perspective, imagining what you felt and reliving, at a remove, what I had experienced so intensely up close. I guess I got to be a little voyeuristic too.

HIM: I was incredibly turned on now. I thought you might feel self-conscious looking at yourself in the throes of ecstasy, but you didn’t. The combination of your enthusiasm for what you had experienced, and for the images themselves, got me rock hard. I was out of my mind with lust for you. We fucked again, for the third time that day, but this time for the benefit of no one but us. And I had the spectacular orgasm that my (initially reluctant) voyeuristic journey had been heading for all along. 

HER: The things I do for you. There should be some kind of medal.





  1. Jay says:

    Thank you for this erotic recap of a simply unforgettable afternoon together. The sexual chemistry with Kate and easy friendship with Mike build the foundation for fantastic sexual adventures. Until next time friends! -J

    1. Him and Her says:

      Thank you for some unforgettable times! You guys are the best! – xo Kate

  2. A Hazmat says:

    …just wow, and thanks for sharing

    1. Him and Her says:

      Thanks for reading! We appreciate everyone who gives us the gift of their time and attention.

  3. Calm Control says:

    I SO enjoyed first hearing about this on the That Couple Next Door podcast, then being able to read these additional perspectives (which, as always, were both eloquently written and wonderfully introspective). Thank you ALL for sharing!

    1. Him and Her says:

      Thanks for being our ideal reader! We were also curious to hear the TCND version of what we had experienced together.

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