Sexy Spa Sunday

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Henri Matisse, Odalisque Couchée aux Magnolias, 1923


HER: It was a Tuesday evening in January, and after a busy Holiday season, we were looking forward to our first childless weekend of the New Year. Every parent knows that having the house to yourself is like a blank cheque that you want to spend wisely. You don’t want to get to the end of a kid-free weekend feeling like you didn’t make the most of the opportunity. Naturally, our minds turned to lifestyle possibilities. What could we put together with just a few days’ notice?

HIM: We haven’t been loving the club experience lately. A party would be fantastic, but they’re a lot of work: managing the guest list, setting up the play areas, arranging the food … and then the massive clean-up afterward. It  occurred to me that this might be a chance to do something completely different. What if we planned something small for Sunday afternoon rather than the typical Friday or Saturday night?

HER: I liked that idea right away.

HIM: It’s always bothered me that lifestyle events are usually scheduled for late at night. Where in the International Code of Swinger Conduct is it written that the dancing must never start before 10pm, and the sex must never start before midnight? I know it’s not hard for people who naturally come alive late at night like you, but for early-risers like me, it’s a big issue. Struggling to stay awake is not a sexy look.

HER: So, we agreed to an early start: a chill Sunday afternoon party. And we needed to scale the guest list way back. We had 42 people at our last party, and we agreed afterward that we’d never do that again. I end up spending too much time organizing and not enough time orgasming. I’m not a fan. I imagined massage and sauna with a small group, so we made a shortlist of couples we thought would work well together. And only people that we’ve had a proven sexual track record with.

HIM: Well, let’s face it: you’ve had a “proven sexual track record” with almost everyone we know, so that wouldn’t cut the numbers back too much.

HER: I know, but your list is much smaller, so I decided to let you make that call.

HIM: Well, thank you. I loved the idea of putting together an all-star team of lifestyle performers. The hard part, however, was not so much who to invite, but who not to invite. I’m an empathetic person by nature, so my mind goes right away to the people who would feel hurt if they found out we had a party that they weren’t invited to.

HER: I know, I feel bad too, but what can you do? We have the best problem in the world: too many friends!

HIM: As you know, I believe the most important swinger virtue is to banish any sense of entitlement. I remember last year finding out that we hadn’t been invited to a get-together with a group of people we’re close to. Of course it stung a little, but I knew right away that my responsibility was to brush it off. No one is obliged to fuck or host all the people all the time. The lifestyle is not the place for IOU’s.

HER: So we ended up sending the following invitation to our inaugural Sunday Spa Day to six carefully-selected couples:

You’re invited to a different kind of event this Sunday from 2pm to 7pm: SEXY SPA SUNDAY. It’s an experiment, the opposite of a typical lifestyle event. It’s more about comfy clothes and robes than tight jeans and lingerie (we’ll probably be naked most of the time anyway). The massage table will be set up, and you can take a sauna, shower, or even a two-person bubble bath in our soaker tub if you want. Bring your favourite sex toys to demonstrate and share! We’ll provide light, spa-like food and drinks (think fruit, cheese, smoothies, and mimosas). You are welcome to bring something, if you like, but we mainly just want to see you.

HER: Another important difference was that we wanted to keep the preparations to a minimum. At one point, we considered creating a play area with a few mattresses on the floor in our guest room, but we decided that we would only set up beforehand what could quickly be put away afterward. There was a small chance my older son might be returning from a weekend away, and the last thing we wanted was to get caught with our pants down, so to speak.

HIM: The day of the get-together started out cold and slippery. There had been an ice storm the night before. We were worried some people would opt to skip our event, which could be a problem when the group was already quite small, but everyone made it.

HER: We started off leisurely enough in the kitchen,  but I didn’t want to take too long to get things started. I suggested we fill our drinks and move into the family room where we had the massage table set up and a variety of toys arranged in front of a roaring fire. We started by showing our guests a few of our new acquisitions (we’ve been going a little toy crazy lately). But the most interesting toy by far was one that another couple brought: an electro play set. It had sticky pads attached to a device that delivered varying levels of voltage directly to the skin. We passed it around and most people tried it on their arms or some other low-risk body part. I was daring enough to pull down my yoga pants and try it on my clit.

HIM: That is so you.

HER: Yeah, well, turns out electro play not my thing. Ouch!

HIM: Maybe not, but your little display prompted me to suggest that everyone follow your example and take their clothes off. It was as easy as that. Within seconds, we were all naked and the first woman hopped up onto the massage table.

HER: Yes! Laurie was enthusiastic about trying my new favorite vibrator. While two men stood at the head of the table rubbing her shoulders and back (their cocks in convenient proximity to her mouth), I joined another man and woman who were lavishing attention on her lower body. I used the vibrator, first just on her inner thighs, lips, and clit. When she started moaning (between mouthfuls of cock), I had her roll onto her back and eased it into her. It took a little time, given all the distractions, but she eventually came. I loved everything about being the one in control. So much sexy power! When I took the toy out, her juices ran down her ass. Jonathan, who was standing right beside me, immediately dove in and licked her clean. It was like he was overcome by a primitive urge he couldn’t resist.

HIM: I had been one of those guys at the head of the table having his cock sucked by Laurie. I was alternately watching what was happening on the table and watching the scene unfolding on the sectional sofa just a few feet away. I had an incredible view of one of the guys entering one of the women. With her legs spread wide before me, I could literally see his cock parting her lips on the way in. It turned me on like crazy.

Spa Sunday 12jan2020_adj01bw6HER: Maria was the next one to jump onto the massage table after Laurie got off. I took the opportunity to step away for a bit of a break, sitting down on the couch to enjoy the scene. You were having your cock stroked by Laurie who was reaching around as she pressed her breasts against your back. Six people were around the massage table, and a couple were fucking on the couch beside me. I snapped a pic (something I’ve never done during play) and immediately sent it to our group’s chat so everyone could share in the beauty of the moment. It was a strangely emotional thing for me, actually.

HIM: How so?

HER: I felt a little overwhelmed with gratitude for this group and this life we’ve built. We are living what would be many people’s dream, and it’s only possible because of this wonderful community we are part of. These friends have become an important part of our lives even beyond the bedroom. I really love them. And it would be impossible to live this life without the right partner, so I also felt incredibly grateful for you. Isn’t that crazy? I felt tearful thinking of how much I love you in the middle of an orgy.

HIM: I really get that. I always feel incredibly grateful and more in love with you after we’ve had sex with other people. It’s one of the best and most unexpected parts of the lifestyle.

I also really care for these friends. One of them is Ben, who I’ve become very close to over the last year or so. He’s actually the guy who built our sauna for us. Anyway, he and I have shared a lot and I know he, like me, struggles from time to time with performance in group situations. So I was watching as closely (and discretely) as I could when he started to play with Tamara, who is probably close to two decades younger than him. Let’s just say sometimes you see a cock that’s hard, and sometimes you see a cock that’s really, really hard. Ben stayed in the really, really hard zone as they went through every position imaginable. I don’t know if there is a corollary for women, but I could vicariously feel what his cock was feeling as if it was my own. I was very happy for him.

HER: Once I pulled myself together, I saw Jonathan sitting on the couch with a hard dick and no one to play with it. I grabbed a condom and crawled over to him. With a nod from his wife, I put it on his cock and straddled him, facing out so you could watch me from the other side of our giant sectional sofa, where you happened to be busy with his wife, Trish.

HIM: I did notice the show you were putting on, but it presented me with a familiar dilemma. What I really wanted was to sit there with my chin in my hands and a bag of popcorn to watch everything you were doing. Intently. But I also wanted to enjoy my time with Trish. She and I have a special bond, and I think it’s fair to say that we had been waiting for the stars to align so we could get together. I definitely didn’t want her to feel she had anything less than my full attention. So I snuck as many peeks at you two as I could without getting too distracted from the the beautiful woman in my arms.

HER: Jonathan eventually picked me up and positioned me on the edge of the massage table. He was standing up at a perfect right angle as I leaned back on my elbows and put my legs up over his shoulders. I love being able to watch the man’s cock enter me in that position. I also had a good view of everyone else combining and recombining with different partners.

HIM: That’s the nice thing about getting a group of all-stars together: you don’t need a coach. Everyone knows what to do without prompting. People eventually fanned out from the family room, making use of our bedroom, the pull-out couch in the library and the sauna. Our little plan for a Sexy Spa Sunday really could not have worked out more perfectly. Eventually things wound down just in time for our guests to get dressed and say their goodbyes before your son came home. The only urgent requirement was to get the massage table put away.

HER: Yeah, there’s no explanation for having a massage table in the family room that wouldn’t require at least a few sessions of psychotherapy to work through.