Our First House Party

I’m generally not one for re-enacting classic porn tableaux but, honestly, it felt great.

Online Dating for Couples

I imagined us meeting the perfect couple, sharing a connection that moved effortlessly between the social and the sexual.

Hedo Diaries: So Many Firsts

We joined the naked, slippery mass of hedonistic revelers writhing in time to the music. This was our first foam party.

What’s Your Number?

I have very uncomplicated feelings about women who enjoy sex: I approve whole-heartedly.

Keeping Secrets

HER:  We had a party at our house recently where, in a haze of whisky-laced apple cider and white wine, I told my siblings that we had tried sex clubs and vacationed at Hedonism.  They all had the same conservative, religious upbringing I did, but, like me, they’re all very sexual and pretty liberal in their views. …

The Greatest Threesome in the History of the World

  HIM: When we were writing our article ‘The Quantified Sex Life’ a couple of weeks ago, I got caught up reading through the notes section of the sex log I keep. Usually I just jot down a sentence or two for each entry to help my memory, though occasionally I will try to capture what…

Our MFM Experiment: Getting it Right

HIM: Six weeks after our disastrous first experience with another man, we got a text from Derek saying he had some ideas about how we could do things differently if we wanted to try again. I met him for lunch to discuss them, and he suggested that we take some pictures of you as an…

Our First MFM Threesome: Part Two

HER: Two days before our first MFM threesome (two men/one woman) was to happen, we fell into having a threesome with my best friend, Malissa, by accident. A day around the pool without kids turned into naked swimming, then touching and then a trip to the bedroom. It turned out to be our best (and…