Friends With (So Many) Benefits

friends with benefits
Saul Leiter, Barbara and Bettina, 1950

HER: One of the many beautiful things about our social swinger approach to the lifestyle is that we have made ‘friends with benefits’ all over the world.  Last week, we were reminded of just how precious those friendships can be.

HIM: It all started last year, when we connected with Mav and Vanessa through the TCND (‘That Couple Next Door’) chat group. They were fellow Canadians, which caught our attention, and they came across as witty and incredibly attractive in the chat. But they lived in British Columbia — the other side of the country from us — so we assumed we’d never actually meet in person. To our very pleasant surprise, however, they reached out in July of 2020 to say that they would be flying into our area to see family, and suggested we meet for dinner.

HER: We, like the rest of the world, had been hunkered down at home during the pandemic, seeing only a couple of close lifestyle friends once in a while. The prospect of meeting new people was both exciting and a little daunting.  But our first dinner together confirmed that they were exactly our kind of people: smart, funny, insightful, and very hot.

HIM:  Our conversation, in true lifestyle style, turned quickly from pleasantries to more intimate topics. I shared that my son had been hospitalized that week after a psychotic break and a stint in jail. Seemingly overnight, my sweet natured boy had turned into a hyper-aggressive monster. The day before he had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and I was feeling a little raw. Mav & Vanessa shared their own story about a close family member with the same condition. It was one of those moments of deep and authentic connection that you rarely find so quickly in the vanilla world. I had been worried that my family troubles would be a distraction that night, but their understanding set me at ease. We broke our ‘no play on the first date’ rule, and it was so successful that we had them out to our house the next day for round two.

friends with benefits
Breaking our ‘no play on the first date’ rule in 2020

HER: We were sad to see them go, but we promised to do it again next summer when they returned for their yearly family visit. As summer turned to fall, and winter dragged on, the itch to travel got stronger and stronger. With the borders still firmly closed to international travel, we booked a springtime trip to British Columbia on the Pacific Coast.  If we couldn’t get out of the country, at least we could see one of its most beautiful regions.

HIM: Of course, part of our motivation for choosing BC was the prospect of seeing Mav & Vanessa again. We let them know when we were coming, and they set to work plotting ways we could hang out despite a third wave of Covid infections surging through the province. We had all been isolating scrupulously, and each of us had had our first Covid vaccinations and got tested the week before, so we felt as safe as we could possibly be.

Our Airbnb included a classic motorcycle

HER: We had rented a stylish AirBnb in Vancouver’s Gastown ditrict, complete with a motorcycle in the exposed brick loft space. After a good night’s sleep, we spent the whole afternoon taking sexy pictures before spending the evening with Mav & Vanessa. They picked up take-out close by and brought it to our apartment since it was too rainy for outdoor dining (the only kind of dining allowed at this point in the seemingly never-ending pandemic).

HIM: We reconnected during dinner, catching up on jobs and family. Fortunately, I was able to report that my son was doing much better. Once the takeout containers were cleared away, we set about taking more pictures. Just like the first time we met, our mutual love of photography was an effective transition from socializing to play time.

HER: Soon, both ladies were in lingerie, taking turns giving the men blow jobs (either one at a time or taking both cocks at once) while the other one snapped pics. It was fun and easy, with a lot of laughter.

HIM: When the lingerie eventually came off, we separated into pairs. I started by giving Vanessa oral, asking her exactly what she wanted. Licking or sucking? Lots of pressure or little pressure? Up and down or side to side? She opted for ‘all of the above’. So, when it came time to switch to fucking, I gave her the full menu approach there as well. Deep and shallow, fast and slow, hard and gentle, I cycled through them all. She came at least once that I remember, with an assist from her magic wand.

HER: I was thrilled to see everything working so well for you. I knelt on all fours perpendicular to you two so I could have a good view of your cock going into Vanessa. The few times you’ve had easy sex with another woman I’ve completely missed it, so this time I wanted to make sure I had the best seat in the house. Of course, that left my ass up in the air, which made it easy for Mav to do me from behind as we both watched. He then lay me down on my stomach — he remembered my coming position from last summer — so I could use my vibrator while he kept pounding my ass. I loved the way he held me close and breathed in my ear. It was intense and erotic, but I couldn’t quite get to orgasm. Eventually, we switched back to our partners, and you gave me a good flogging before making me come.

friends with benefits
Vanessa adds some ass play to her massage

HIM: We continued on with massages and chatting until Vanessa announced that they’d have to leave to get back to their babysitter in time. Before they left, they asked if we’d like to get together for lunch midweek. We said yes, liking the idea that our relationship now easily spanned the lifestyle and vanilla worlds.

HER: Everything was going smoothly until a crisis hit on Tuesday when the BC government suddenly announced tighter restrictions on travel within the province. We had been planning to spend the last two days of our trip at the Fairmont Hotel in scenic Whistler, home of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Within hours of the government’s announcement, we were contacted by the Fairmont to say that our reservation had been canceled. Disappointed, we reached out to our Airbnb host to see if we could tack on two extra days at the end of our stay, but he didn’t respond. Suddenly, we were facing the prospect of being homeless for the back end of our visit.

HIM: We reached out to Mav & Vanessa to say that we may not be able to meet them in Whistler at the end of the week as planned. Immediately they swung into action. With a few phone calls to friends, they arranged for us to stay at a beautiful private ski chalet (with a hot tub!) for less than the price of the Fairmont. When we mentioned hearing that our shuttle bus might be rescheduled or canceled, they offered us one of their cars for the remainder of the week. Friends to the rescue! Crisis solved.

HER: The next day we met as planned for lunch on a seaside patio (indoor dining was still against the rules) with an amazing view of downtown Vancouver. Mav & Vanessa arrived in two separate cars so they could leave one of them with us. We enjoyed the conversation, and they were bursting with suggestions for attractions we could enjoy now that we had a set of wheels at our disposal. And enjoy them we did over the next two days, ranging from the spectacular Capilano suspension bridge and hiking trails to the Polygon Art Gallery. On Friday, we checked out of our loft and drove the gorgeous Sea To Sky highway from Vancouver to Whistler. When we opened the front door to the ski chalet we couldn’t believe how lucky we were to be staying in such a beautiful place. We spent the first evening in the hot tub, planning our stay in paradise.

Hiking on the Capilano trail

HIM: The next day, Mav and Vanessa came up and met us at the Scandinave Spa in Whistler. They had booked us all massages as well as a day pass to the hot and cold treatments. Again, we were nearly the only people there. We moved between sauna, steam room, hot tubs, and cold plunges, hardly seeing anyone else. You were loving it, but I quickly decided that the ‘relaxation rooms’ were my favorite part of the whole process. Trying to enjoy a searing hot eucalyptus steam treatment with a mask on is a little much for my lungs. So, I settled into a comfortable chair to watch the sunset behind the mountains while you three continued to rotate through the therapeutic temperature extremes.

HER: When we were alone in one of the dipping pools, Vanessa asked me how to get you going. She was concerned that you hadn’t fully enjoyed yourself the previous Saturday. I told her that the most important thing for you was to know clearly that a woman wants to have sex with you. Compliments and verbal appreciation mean a lot to you. She said that might be hard — that she was more used to being the pursued than being the pursuer — but that she would try.

HIM: I felt bad when you told me this on the way back to the chalet. It was very thoughtful of her to ask, but I didn’t want her to feel that it was her assignment to get me in the mood. You were right: those are things I like, but I don’t want to impose them as an obligation on anyone else. Also, it made me feel that I hadn’t done a good job of communicating how much I enjoyed being with her the week before.

HER: Well, you would definitely have another chance to get that message across. By the time we got back to the chalet, we had exactly one hour and twenty-five minutes to enjoy ourselves before Mav & Vanessa had to once again get back home to relieve their babysitter.

HIM: That suited me just fine. As you know, I’m way better with precise time frames than open-ended engagements. I felt that was plenty of time to make use of.

HER: Veronica and I got things started with a little lingerie exchange. Spurred on by the ‘30 Days of Lingerie’ challenge on Twitter, you bought me a couple new complicated strappy sets at Honey Gifts, an amazing sex boutique in Vancouver. Vanessa wanted to try them on, so we stripped down and I helped her into the spatially challenging lingerie. It was tricky, and there was, again, lots of laughter. When we finally figured everything out, she looked outstanding. Her body is miraculous, and I had to admit those pieces looked far better on her than me. I couldn’t help myself: I had to kneel behind her and pull the straps aside to lick her pussy and ass.

Play time at the chalet

HIM: Mav and I immediately began shooting pictures and video, trying to stay out of each other’s way. Eventually, he could hold back no longer and put his camera down. I got some great footage of your threesome – you blowing Mav while Vanessa whipped your ass from behind with our new riding crop. After that, you lay on your back while Mav held your legs wide apart and up in the air as Vanessa worked your pussy over with her beloved magic wand. After a while, I gave in, too, and we swapped partners for some side-by-side fucking on the bed.

HER:  I have to say here that Mav has an amazing cock.  It’s long and thick and arrow straight. When he started really slamming me doggy-style, it felt great and it hurt, all at the same time.

HIM: I know. I looked over at you at one point and you seemed to be in agony. You were crying out and gripping the sheets tightly. However, I’ve learned to let you follow your own instincts in sexual situations, even ones that seem uncomfortable to me.

HER: Yeah, I would have killed you if you had stopped him! But the discomfort was real. There was even a little blood afterward. What can I say? I’ve been told by more than one medical professional that I have a sensitive cervix. But the pain wasn’t a drawback. It was actually part of what made the experience so exquisite.

HIM: Well, I wasn’t about to draw blood — I’m not equipped that way – but I did notice that Vanessa liked having her pussy slammed as well. The musician in me likes the percussive slap I can make when I get the angle just so. Like last time, I took her through every point on the fast-slow continuum. Sometimes, I would stop completely, with my cock almost completely withdrawn, before plunging suddenly back into her with all the force my hips could generate from a standstill. At other times, I jackhammered her at the highest bpm (beats per minute) I could manage cardiovascularly. She seemed to enjoy it all. At a subconscious level, I’m sure I was trying to show her through sheer exertion how highly I thought of her.

HER: Yes, I think I read somewhere that maniacal fucking is the new bouquet of flowers when it comes to impressing a lady. But I think you’re right. I could see that you were making an extra effort to let your enthusiasm for Vanessa show, and I’m sure she felt it too.

HIM: Because they had a tight curfew, there wasn’t a lot of cuddling and chatting time after we were finished. They quickly got dressed and we managed our hurried but heartfelt good-byes. It was impossible to express to them in a few moments how deeply we appreciated the lengths they went to to make sure our trip was a total success. The sex was great, the socializing was easy, and when circumstances threatened to derail our plans, they stepped forward with a perfect solution.

HER: I have to admit, it’s hard for me not to be smug about the lifestyle sometimes. Look at us. We had this great trip to beautiful British Columbia, with everything from visiting art galleries to hiking through gorgeous boreal forests. Most people would have been thrilled. But, on top of all that, we also explored a deep social and sexual connection with two amazing individuals. They showed us what ‘friends with benefits’ (so many benefits!) can truly look like.